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We challenge orthodoxy through research, innovation, and user engagement offering a personal and fully engaged design process to all our clients and stakeholders. 


1. Exclusive

We work exclusively in the health and care sector. Our sector-focused approach helps us achieve excellent design outcomes and our projects regularly receive awards acknowledging our imaginative approach combining theory and practice.

2. Experience

We have over 30 years of experience masterplanning sites, designing buildings, and evaluating completed projects. We have accumulated a significant knowledge base devoted to all types of healthcare facilities.

3. Research and Innovation

We are committed to continually improving outcomes by leading research commissions and applying evidence-based findings to our projects. We frequently collaborate with leading international research partners and regularly undertake studies on the design of health facilities to inform future projects.


4. Challenging Orthodoxy

We have consistently challenged the accepted orthodoxy of the deep plan hospital typology as an appropriate physical environment for treatment and care. Essentially we believe that hospitals benefit holistically from better environments, meaning better air quality, less noise pollution, more natural light, quality aesthetics, improved views and more domestic and human-scaled environments for patients, staff and visitors.


5. User Engagement

We often work with complex client and stakeholder organisations, including multiple agencies and tiers of services. We use a variety of “visioning” and participation tools to understand operational and workforce issues. Our staff have personally spent many hours visiting inpatient units and connecting with the service users and service providers to understand their needs. 

“The process, right from the beginning, felt inclusive and we felt we were listened to. Such a process leaves us excited for the future building, potentially delivering the right consideration to the clinical needs of the specific population it will serve.”


Dr Raja Mukherjee, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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