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Developed under the TIME (To Improve Mental Health Environments) Initiative by Mersey Care NHS Trust, Walton will provide much needed improved mental healthcare provision in north Liverpool. It is intended that the Hospital will signal investment and be beneficial to the general regeneration of the area. The site will take advantage of local transport links and an established healthcare location, close to residents.

The modernised facilities will comprise five 17 bed wards totaling 85 beds and provide two 17 bed acute inpatient wards for Adults; one ward each for Older People and Dementia Services; a fifth Learning Disabilities cute inpatient ward; Acute Day Services with shared activity/ therapy space; learning, assessment, educational, office accommodation and general support space.


Located in a district of North Liverpool, approximately 3km from the city centre, the Walton Hospital site is located in a densely populated urban area and existing hospital buildings are a part of acute hospital services by Aintree Hospital NHS Trust.

The pavilion type building layout supports the need for future flexibility and addresses the desire to create a domestic building in a landscaped setting. This offers numerous advantages including the creation of semi-private and private/secure open space, domestic scale which aids integration with neighbouring resident developments, plenty of views and access to landscaped gardens and individual characters for each ward block.


Liverpool, UK



Mental Health



Mersey Care NHS Trust



Lead Consultant,

Masterplanning, Architect,

Health Planning and Landscape




£18.5 million



Masterplan completed 2013


National BREEAM

Healthcare award winner 2013


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