Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital Masterplan
and Car Park
photograph access car parking area
photograph access car parking area

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Masterplan - preliminary bird
Masterplan - preliminary bird

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MAAP have worked closely with Health Infrastructure NSW and Illawarra and Shoalhaven Local Health District on the staged redevelopment of Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital which functions as the acute healthcare hub for the Shoalhaven region.

The design acknowledges that the hospital site is densely developed with most parts of the site occupied by either clinical or support infrastructure (including car parking) and that hospital expansion requires additional land.

Our initial 2017 masterplan was prepared in 2016-17 to establish a framework for future expansion taking into consideration the requirements of ISLHD’s Clinical Service Plan to 2027. This was updated in 2019 to take into consideration an extended planning horizon and revised development boundaries.

The first stage of the redevelopment comprises MAAP’s design for a new 220 space multideck car park which has has been planned to integrate with future clinical buildings as part of the coordinated masterplan. The car park opened in December 2019 winning the NSW MBA Award for best public building in 2020.

“The Shoalhaven Hospital Multideck carpark features a stunning facade inspired by the colours and landscape art of Shoalhaven luminary Arthur Boyd. The carpark provides over 300 much needed new carparking spaces whilst visually integrating into the hospital's masterplan.” 

NSW MBA Award Committee  


Nowra, NSW, Australia



Acute Health, Masterplanning



Health Infrastructure NSW



Masterplanner, Consultant Architect



Masterplan $434 million

Car Park $12 million


2020 NSW MBA Award Winner - Best Public Building $10m - $15m