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A new masterplan was developed by MAAP to inform future development and utilisation of the Royal North Shore Hospital Campus, ensuring the site is able to respond to the current and future needs and provide appropriate clinical, academic, teaching and education services. Aims for the masterplan includes: Integration of Clinical, Research and Education services; provide a future ready campus with world class facilities and amenities to attract and retain the best people; and the creation of a campus heart, legible way finding, giving access to the community, transport links and open space.


Key urban design principles were developed and the campus zoned to allow for flexible growth and change of clinical and support services in the short, medium and long term. The resulting masterplan optimises the potential for redevelopment and promotes a pedestrian friendly environment with discreet access for vehicular traffic. It identifies potential new uses within a framework of precincts and building lots with direct access to high quality external space.


The recently completed redevelopment had resulted in 150,000 m2 on new acute facilities without addressing some of the principle constraints and opportunities on the campus. The steeply sloping topography makes the RNSH campus difficult to access and presented the key challenge for the masterplan. MAAP identified a further 200,000m2 of potential development on the site including mixed uses in a clearly organised urban framework and proposed improved access to the public transport interchange and the existing park and public open spaces adjacent to the site. Cars are accommodated below buildings and podia to ensure a compact pedestrian friendly environment at grade. Framed in a new plaza, the existing heritage buildings will become the heart of the campus when the redevelopment is complete.


Sydney, NSW, Australia



Acute Health / Masterplanning



NSW Health Infrastructure & Northern Sydney Local Health District



Consultant Architect, Urban Designer and Health Planner with Dieke Richards






Masterplan completed 2012



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