MAAP recognise that the design of the built environment profoundly affects health outcomes. We regularly engage in design-led research for clients to provide strategic advice and direction at all stages of health projects. We draw on leading research and aim to promote humane, patient-centred environments.


We believe strategic design is about looking at the big picture, asking the right questions, and looking for solutions that integrate with policy, design and delivery.


Research and innovation at MAAP is fully integrated into our design process and led by international knowledge leaders Mungo Smith and Jan Golembiewski. Mungo Smith has been continually involved in design guidance and advice to NHS and other government clients for 25 years.


MAAP support the growing demand for person-centred and recovery-centred care for mental health. This has implications for the architecture of mental health facilities because they are currently being designed to an old paradigm of clinical service-centred care.


Replicated evidence shows that patients respond well to improvements in the environment. If that environment can be not only designed, but the whole patient experience ‘stage-designed’ we can predict better outcomes still. More research needs to be done to see how this will affect diagnostic and other criteria, but this can only be conducted in facilities that are genuinely designed around a person-centred model of care.

We have provided research, benchmarking and international reviews to government clients. Some recent reports include:


  • Feasibility study/ recommendation regarding greater than two-storey mental health and forensic facilities within the New Zealand Context - The Ministry of Health - New Zealand (2019) 

  • Historical mapping, Historical Taxonomy, Future Taxonomy and Facility review - Mental Health Infrastructure NW Melbourne, VHHSBA (2019)

  • Learning from Private Hospitals Research & Benchmarking Study – NSW Health Infrastructure (2015)

  • Optimal Sizing of Hospitals – NSW Health Infrastructure (2015)

  • Heart & Lung International Benchmarking Review – Metro North Hospitals & Health Services (2015)

  • National Particle Treatment & Research Centre – NSW Health Infrastructure (2015)

  • International Review of Optimal Sizing – Children’s and Acute Hospitals – NSW Health Infrastructure (2013)

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