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The new 500 beds Northern Beaches hospital will be located in an industrial zone in northern Sydney. The masterplan explored the opportunities for urban and economic regeneration together with a new transport hub. The design response was based on an open flexible system of spatial templates capable of accommodating clinical research and academic space and being colonised by other uses over time. The project capacity of the hospital was less than 100,000m2 but the opportunity more than double that with potential for other uses such as patient hotels and medical consulting suites and ambulatory care facilities to be included. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic are separated by a green podium which contains parking for 2000 cars and all the access requirements for servicing the hospital “chassis” including the engineering and logistics infrastructure.  A development of this master planning approach was used to illustrate alternative proposals for a new Royal Liverpool Hospital in the UK at a much larger scale of 250,000m2.


The design concept combined a “chassis” infrastructure and podium structure, developed from the NSW Hospital Building Development System for use in masterplanning new facilities. The solution provided alternative layouts for a flexible healthcare facility on challenging topography. This was integrated with a transport hub and new urban centre. The proposed new development is characterised by its separation of vehicular traffic and “green” setting for pedestrians between modular building templates.


Northern Beaches, NSW, Australia



Masterplanning/Acute Health



NSW Health Infrastructure & JohnStaff Projects



Masterplanner, Architect






Masterplan completed 2011


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