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Courtyard Activity

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Shared Courtyard

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Highcroft Hospital is made up of a number of new buildings including a 28 bed Older Adult Assessment Unit (Reservoir Court) supplemented by a 20 place Day Hospital; a 14 bed High Dependency Unit with direct areas to a core activity centre; a 12 bed acute unit designed as 2 bedroom ‘houses’ and a 13 bed Rehabilitation Unit providing self-contained motel style flats.

In order to reconfigure the site, new buildings were located on the periphery of the surrounding community in order to aid integrate with the urban context; interface with the surrounding community as well as with the other new on-site developments. The four new buildings deliver accommodation consistent with a sympathetic, domestic environment, which promotes security dignity and independence for both patients and staff. Graduated and controlled territory is central to the successful design and operation of modern mental health buildings.


The design has taken great care in delineating the public spaces “forums” semi-public spaces and personal territory where patients can retreat, be safe and concentrate without being disturbed by others.

A refreshing design approach allowed to flourish despite the obstacles of PFI. This is a truly delightful piece of work. It resonates with playfulness, colour, nature and in places a friendly monumentality.


Jonathan Wilson, Journal for Healthcare Design & Development

Birmingham, UK



Mental Health / Aged Care



NSW Health Infrastructure & Northern Sydney Local Health District



Lead Consultant, Architect, Interior Design, Healthcare Planning, Landscape Architect





Completed 1994



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