MAAP is a global architecture and healthcare planning practice. We are experienced designers who have worked across Australia and the UK and have collaborated on projects in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Qatar. We are knowledge leaders in the design of acute and mental health facilities and have made significant contributions to both foundational research and built projects.

MAAP is committed to high quality, flexible and adaptable designs and patient centred environments. We collaborate with clients to provide specialist research, strategic advice, and unique solutions despite complex design challenges and demanding delivery frameworks.


We regularly provide government and private clients with independent peer review, strategic advice and international benchmarking research. We value public discourse in health design and are active presenters and participants at international conferences and competition, and contribute to academic publications.


MAAP was originally established in the UK in 1991 out of the Live Projects Section of the Medical Architecture Research Unit (MARU) at North London Polytechnic, now at London South Bank University. MARU has a strong reputation integrating design, education and research into its course on Health Facility Planning which attracted post-graduate students from all over the world. Whilst at MARU, founding senior directors, Christopher Shaw and Mungo Smith, developed areas of expertise in strategic medical planning, research and design. In 2012, Mungo Smith established MAAP’s Sydney office which now operates independently with an international, strategic design and research-led focus.


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Our areas of expertise include:


  • Mental health

  • Acute health

  • Aged care & dementia

  • Masterplanning

  • Clinical planning

  • Strategic briefing

  • Research & development

  • Benchmarking & guidance

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Design & facility review

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